Jerome is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Active Isolated Stretching working mainly in the field of sports performing injury treatment massage. His focus is on postural alignment, soft tissue injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and injury prevention.  Jerome firmly believes that an ongoing education about your body is key to maintaining a healthy body.



Jerome graduated in April 2011 from the Northwest School of Massage in Kirkland, WA.  He has worked as a Motor Vehicle Accident (whiplash)Specialist, Upper Cervical Injury Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Chiropractic assistant, and Lead Therapist at a PT Clinic.  Jerome was a two sport athlete in college and that has always guided his  focus on sports and soft tissue injuries.  In early 2016 Jerome worked on the ATP tour with Dmitry Tursonov , and on the WTA tour at  Indian Wells with Nicole Gibbs as a private physio. He also works with Germaine Ifedi and George Fant  of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line.   He is a lifelong student and continues to sharpen his skills by taking continuing education courses to learn the latest in massage techniques, new massage research, and different stretching techniques. Jerome works with people of all activity levels, believes massage helps to improve quality of life and quality of movement.  If you are looking for an experienced dynamic therapist,feel free to give DTP Massage a call.  Jeromes office is located inside the Bellevue Tennis Academy.

Jerome enjoys talking about massage, sports and gardening. He can be found hiking, hanging out in his garden or spending time with friends and family in his free time.



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